Spiritual Development

Everything offered at Your Natural Gift revolves around experiencing your spiritual connection and natural gift for yourself. The workshops utilize Native American ceremony, sharing circles, guided meditation, rites-of-passage, and other experiential therapies. The classes teach a concept and then use the above techniques to help you to integrate the material. Personal ceremony opens the door to directly experience your spiritual connection.

  • Coyote Medicine

    In my tradition, the Coyote is the Spirit Keeper of the South. It is his time of year on the Medicine Wheel. The Coyote is the one who shows you the things that you do not want to look at.

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Upcoming Events

Offering Your Natural Gift Weekend Workshop

Date: October, 2014
Location: 438 NE Irving, Bend, OR 97701

Integrating Your Natural Gift Class Series

Date: October - November 2014
Location: 438 NE Irving, Bend OR 97701

Sharing Circle on the Phone (Free Conference Call)

July 14, 6:30-7:30pm & every other Monday 
Dial: 712-775-7000; access code:1034389#